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She Said Privacy/He Said Security

Feb 11, 2021

Tim Martin is the Chief Development Officer at Pillar Technology Partners, an information security company that helps businesses improve cyber risk and optimize their processes and technology to ensure growth and security. Tim has more than 30 years of experience building and leading companies in every area of business, including executive leadership, IT, technology, sales, and more. He is also an expert at helping accounting and professional services firms drastically grow their businesses. 

Skeet Spillane is the CEO and Chief Information Security Officer at Pillar Technology Partners. He has more than 25 years of experience in information security, business process improvement, and enterprise architecture consulting and has worked with some of the largest Fortune 50 companies in the world. In addition to this, Skeet is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), a Certified HIPPA Security Professional (CHSP), and a Six Sigma Master Black Belt.

In this episode…

Does your company struggle to identify—and remedy—common cybersecurity threats? What about the threats you may be presenting to your clients and customers?

It is surprisingly common for companies of all shapes and sizes to be in the dark about the risks they experience—or present—every single day. From partnering with third-party vendors to amassing an unprecedented amount of customer data, cybersecurity risks are everywhere. So, how can you pinpoint and solve pressing threats to keep your company and clients safe? Cybersecurity experts Tim Martin and Skeet Spillane are here today to answer this question and many others! 

In this episode of She Said Privacy/He Said Security, Jodi and Justin Daniels sit down with Tim Martin and Skeet Spillane, leaders at Pillar Technology Partners, to discuss how your company can mitigate pressing cyber risks today. Listen in as Tim and Skeet reveal the most ubiquitous cybersecurity risks companies are facing in 2021, how to help your company’s C-suite implement effective security/privacy measures, and the practical steps you can take to protect your personal data right now. Stay tuned!