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She Said Privacy/He Said Security

Feb 10, 2022

Tommy Donnelly is the CIO of BetterCloud and a thought leader for the future of digital transformation in cybersecurity. He offers a unique blend of experience in infrastructure, security, privacy, compliance, and technical strategy in a SaaS environment. Previously, Tommy was the Senior Vice President of Global Security and Information Productivity at Bullhorn and the Chief Information Officer at Peoplenet.

In this episode…

Watching your company grow is exciting. But as departments and clientele expand, how do you make sure your data remains secure?

Many companies are unaware of just how many applications their company is using as it grows. The HR department downloads an application, then the marketing and financial departments download a few more, and so on. Pretty soon, there are hundreds of applications storing sensitive data floating around the company — and you don’t know how to secure them. So, how do you start reigning in these applications to keep data safe?

In this episode of She Said Privacy/He Said Security, co-hosts Justin and Jodi Daniels sit down with Tommy Donnelly, CIO at BetterCloud, to discuss how companies can keep their data safe in the cloud. Tommy talks about the privacy and security risks of the cloud, the best ways to consolidate your company’s data for security purposes, and how BetterCloud can help manage privacy and security across multiple applications.