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She Said Privacy/He Said Security

Oct 13, 2022

Michelle Dennedy is the CEO of PrivacyCode, a privacy engineering SaaS platform that translates complex privacy policies for developers. She is also the Co-founder and Partner of Privatus Consulting, a company that assists clients with privacy engineering and governance, WickedPrivacy leadership solutions, and ESG metrics. 

Michelle works closely with families, executives, and innovators at all levels and with businesses and organizations at all stages to support the combination of privacy policies, practices, and tools. She has held many leadership roles in data strategy and privacy at Sun Microsystems, McAfee, Intel, and Cisco as well as startup companies.

In this episode…

Data is becoming increasingly complex and nuanced, making privacy and security integral components of an organization’s enterprise — but many companies fail to budget and plan accordingly for these policies. So, how can you implement privacy strategies into your business plan?

Michelle Dennedy recommends adopting a problem-solving framework known as WickedPrivacy. This involves executing immediate, systematic approaches to address complex and uncertain privacy challenges, including ethics, public safety, user data, and shareholder access. PrivacyCode helps privacy engineers and officers identify use cases to integrate and deploy privacy programs utilizing a compliance and soft systems method.

In this episode of She Said Privacy/He Said Security, Jodi and Justin Daniels interview Michelle Dennedy, CEO of PrivacyCode and Co-founder and Partner of Privatus Consulting, about developing strategic approaches to privacy. Michelle explains the major privacy challenges companies face, the WickedPrivacy methodology, and advice for implementing a privacy budget.