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She Said Privacy/He Said Security

Mar 11, 2021

Rob Cummings is the Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer of Falfurrias Capital Partners, a private equity firm that acquires and invests in middle-market businesses. Rob is also the Co-founder and former Director of DealCloud Inc., a software provider that serves businesses in the private equity, investment banking, corporate development, lending, and business development corporation industries.

In addition to his current role, Rob serves on a variety of boards, including the Apex Center for Entrepreneurs, Charlotte Angel Fund, Skipper, and many others. 

In this episode…

Is your company really doing enough to mitigate its privacy and security risks? Do you have a plan in place to protect your business from dangerous scams, data breaches, and other privacy and security concerns?

Unfortunately, for many companies, the answer is no. However, this lack of protection can have disastrous outcomes, such as lost revenue, stolen employee and client data, and an inability to sell your business in the future. So, what can you do to boost awareness and implement practical protective measures at your company right now? 

In this episode of She Said Privacy/He Said Security, Jodi and Justin Daniels sit down with Rob Cummings, the Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer of Falfurrias Capital Partners, to discuss the ins and outs of common—but dangerous—privacy and security risks. Listen in as Rob reveals why revenue isn’t the only important part of your business, how to implement an effective privacy program, and his biggest personal privacy and security tips for individuals everywhere. Stay tuned!