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She Said Privacy/He Said Security

Dec 3, 2020

Mark Sangster is the VP and Industry Security Strategist at eSentire Inc. He is also the author of the book, No Safe Harbor: The Inside Truth About Cybercrime—and How to Protect Your Business. Additionally, Mark is an award-winning speaker at international conferences and prestigious stages, including Harvard Law School and the RSA Conference. 

Mark’s thought-provoking work and perspective on shifting risk trends has widely influenced industry thought leaders. With over 25 years of experience, he is the go-to subject matter expert for leading publications and media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

In this episode…

Many business owners believe that only large companies can be the targets of major data breaches. However, small and mid-sized businesses are also increasingly at risk when it comes to cybercrime. Because of this, Mark Sangster, the VP and Industry Security Strategist at eSentire Inc., believes that businesses of all sizes should take measures to protect themselves from possible cybercrime attacks. 

According to Mark, creating a mechanism of continued improvement within your company is the key to combating cybersecurity issues. As a cybersecurity expert, Mark helps companies understand the risks of data breaches and put plans in place to reduce those risks. So, how can you start better protecting the privacy of your business today? 

Tune in as Mark Sangster, the VP and Industry Security Strategist at eSentire Inc., joins Jodi and Justin Daniels in this episode of She Said Privacy, He Said Security. Mark shares his expert advice on how businesses can better protect themselves from cybercrime. He also discusses the security mistakes of other companies, the role that privacy and security play within a supply chain, and the key takeaways from his new book. Stay tuned!