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She Said Privacy/He Said Security

Mar 17, 2022

Justin Payeur is an entrepreneur, mentor, and cyber safety specialist. He’s the President and COO of National Education Technologies, where he helps parents teach their kids a balanced and safe approach to using mobile technology. As a dad of two teens, Justin understands how important it is to keep your children safe in the digital world. He leads product vision for digital wellbeing apps Boomerang Parental Control and SPIN Safe Browser to help filter web content and facilitate conversations about tech use.

Justin has over a decade of experience in K12 enterprise sales leadership, working at organizations including Faronics Corporation, FinScan Inc., and IC Thrive. In addition to founding National Education Technologies, Justin is currently the General Manager of North America for Matific, a mathematics e-learning platform for schools.

In this episode…

In today’s world, kids are growing up with millions of websites, apps, and communication tools that are available at the touch of a button. So how can you keep your kids safe online while still giving them the freedom to explore?

Many parents have dealt with the screen time battle — your kids want to be on their devices all the time, but you want to protect them from harmful content and habits. Is there any solution that will make both you and your child happy? According to Justin Payeur, the term “screen time” often has negative connotations, but it can actually be a good thing (depending on the content). Instead of trying to lock everything down immediately, show interest in their screen time use and have an open dialogue about expectations. And, you don’t need to lose sleep over your child’s online safety; Justin has some helpful tools to filter websites and provide a safer digital experience for your child.  

In this episode of She Said Privacy/He Said Security, Jodi and Justin Daniels talk with Justin Payeur, President and COO of National Education Technologies, about how parents can create a balanced and safe approach to technology. Justin discusses the details of his digital safety apps, explains the risks many parents are unaware of on the internet, and shares tips for setting boundaries and introducing your child to screen time in a safer way.