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She Said Privacy/He Said Security

Oct 14, 2020

Jodi Daniels is the Founder and CEO of Red Clover Advisors, a boutique data privacy consultancy and one of the few certified Women’s Business Enterprises focused solely on privacy. Since its launch, Red Clover Advisors has helped hundreds of companies create privacy programs, achieve GDPR, CCPA, and US privacy law compliance, and establish a secure online data strategy that their customers can count on. 

Jodi is a Certified Informational Privacy Professional (CIPP/US) with over 20 years of experience helping a range of businesses—from solopreneurs to multinational companies—in privacy, marketing, strategy, and finance roles. She has worked with numerous companies throughout her corporate career, including Deloitte, The Home Depot, Cox Enterprises, Bank of America, and many more. Jodi is also a national keynote speaker, a member of the Forbes Business Council, and the host of the She Said Privacy, He Said Security podcast.

In this episode…

Complying with data privacy laws is a crucial part of protecting your business and your customers. Not only are there legal repercussions to violating these laws, but a lack of compliance may also lead to a loss of trust from your valued customers.

Jodi Daniels, the Founder and CEO of Red Clover Advisors, knows that complying with data privacy laws can be overwhelming. However, making a point to create a strong data privacy strategy will help you build a business that customers can count on. So, what do you need to know about data privacy in order to go beyond compliance and exceed your customer’s expectations? 

Tune in to this episode of the She Said Privacy, He Said Security podcast as Jodi Daniels, the Founder and CEO of Red Clover Advisors, is joined by John Corcoran of Rise25 Media. Jodi shares her digital marketing expertise and provides valuable insights into data privacy laws. She also reveals everything you need to know about email marketing, current data privacy laws, and the repercussions—legal and otherwise—of failing to comply. Stay tuned!