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She Said Privacy/He Said Security

Jan 27, 2022

Debra Farber is the CEO of Principled LLC, a privacy-first tech advisory. Debra is a global privacy and security advisor, investor, and privacy tech enthusiast. She has over 16 years of privacy and security leadership experience at companies like Amazon Web Services (AWS), BigID, Visa, and IBM. She currently serves on multiple advisory boards for organizations including The Rise of Privacy Tech, D-ID, and Taskbar.

In this episode…

Once your company has checked off the basic privacy requirements, how can it continue to move forward? What should you be implementing next?

 According to Debra Farber, the first step is to do an inventory of your current practices. Where are your potential privacy problems? Are you over-collecting data that may be causing compliance issues later in the process? By mapping your biggest privacy challenges, you can begin to work backward and prevent problems from happening. This way, you can create a privacy program that is uniquely designed to meet your company’s needs.

In this episode of the She Said Privacy/He Said Security podcast, Justin and Jodi Daniels sit down with Debra Farber, the CEO of Principled LLC, to talk about building a better privacy plan for your company. Debra discusses how to recognize your weak spots, the key to bridging the communication gap between different departments, and the new trends and updates in the privacy tech space.