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She Said Privacy/He Said Security

Jul 14, 2022

Roy Smith is an entrepreneur and the CEO of PrivacyCheq, a company that helps mobile apps comply with privacy regulations. PrivacyCheq was the first company to offer cookieless consent-based management tools in 2016. Roy has over 35 years of experience branding and marketing new technologies designed to disrupt the market. As an engineer-turned-executive, Roy has been successful in building numerous companies from the ground up.

In this episode…

With US states adopting a host of new privacy laws and regulations, website cookies no longer meet consent requirements, forcing companies to employ alternative data collection methods. So, how can you convert to a cookieless digital space to stay compliant and protect your customer’s data?

According to Roy Smith, complying with updated privacy laws requires modifying your website. PrivacyCheq streamlines this process by adapting to each state’s privacy laws so you can update your policies accordingly. And with PrivacyCheq’s cloud-based technology, you can store your customer’s data in convenient locations so they can easily access it and customize their preferences. 

In today’s episode of She Said Privacy/He Said Security, Jodi and Justin Daniels talk with Roy Smith, CEO of PrivacyCheq, about complying with privacy regulations in a post-cookies world. Roy shares tips for companies to comply with consent laws, how impending privacy regulations will affect organizations, and the ways PrivacyCheq simplifies the consent process for businesses.