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She Said Privacy/He Said Security

Dec 2, 2021

Andrea Amico is the Founder of Privacy4Cars. It is the first company focused on solving the growing data privacy and security issues posed by vehicles. Through its unique platform, Privacy4Cars is increasingly convincing auto finance fleets and dealerships to provide sensible protection for consumers. Privacy4Cars also offers free help to consumers who want their data deleted and privacy respected by asserting their legal rights.

Andrea is also an Adjunct Professor of Engineering Ethics at Kennesaw State University. Previously, he was the President of Jack Cooper Logistics and the Managing Director of Strategic Initiatives and Analysis at NBC Universal.

In this episode…

You probably know a lot about your car. But do you realize how much your car knows about you?

Think about it. You let it know your location every time you open the navigation app. It knows all your friends' contact information when you sync your contacts. It hears all your conversations with the Bluetooth functions and can gather text messages, social media interactions, browser histories, calendar entries, and more. Once you realize the frightening amount of information your car holds on the other side of the steering wheel, you’re likely thinking, “How do I make sure my information stays secure and private?”

In this episode of She Said Privacy/He Said Security, Jodi and Justin Daniels sit down with Andrea Amico, Founder of Privacy4Cars, to discuss how you can regain control of your car’s data collection. Andrea talks about the types of data your car collects, protecting your privacy, and how Privacy4Cars services can help.