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She Said Privacy/He Said Security

Jul 7, 2022

Dawn Zoldi (Colonel, United States Air Force Retired) is the Founder and CEO of P3 Tech Consulting, a company connecting people and companies passionate about advanced tech platforms with the plans, policies, programs, and information they need to succeed. She is a licensed attorney and a 28-year U.S. Air Force Veteran.

As an internationally-recognized expert in unmanned aircraft systems and advanced mobility law and policy, Dawn was listed in the eVTOL Insights 2022 Powerbook, one of the Top Women in Aerospace and Aviation to Follow on LinkedIn in 2021, and a recipient of the Woman to Watch Leadership Award for 2019. She is also an Adjunct Professor at Colorado State University-Pueblo and Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Worldwide Campus.

In this episode…

With unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) on the rise, privacy and security is often unregulated, and drone users outsource air traffic management to a third party. So, what systems can your company put in place to protect your data and mitigate drone misuse?

As a licensed attorney and UAV specialist, Dawn Zoldi suggests implementing cybersecurity guidelines for drone hardware and operations. One way to accomplish this is to put a system in place that identifies faulty signals and seizes control over the aircraft to safely land it. With the proper constraints in place, you can effectively secure your data and connection.

In today’s episode of She Said Privacy/He Said Security, Jodi and Justin Daniels sit down with Dawn Zoldi, Founder and CEO of P3 Tech Consulting, to discuss drone regulations. She talks about the different types of drones and how each one collects data, the risks associated with outsourcing air traffic control to a third party, and how companies can implement cybersecurity solutions for drone control.