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She Said Privacy/He Said Security

Jun 30, 2022

David Lucatch is the CEO, President, and Chair at Liquid Avatar Technologies, a digital identity and fintech solutions company that provides verified users with services to manage, control, and benefit from their digital identity. David has over 35 years of experience inventing technology and business solutions in the international marketing arena. He spent the last 20 years developing payment technology, language, and translation services to support the infrastructure of conducting business online.

In this episode…

Many forms of identity verification are outdated, with users lacking control over their own identities. Methods like two-factor authentication can lead to hacking and a subsequent violation of the user’s privacy. What steps can you take to safeguard your consumer’s identity and gain their trust in the process?

You can start by leveraging digital identity to allow users to protect and control their identity. One way to achieve this is by utilizing biometrics as a form of authentication so consumers can regulate how and where they can share their identities. And by implementing blockchain, you can safely and seamlessly verify your user’s individual credentials to minimize the risk of identity theft. 

Tune in to this episode of the She Said Privacy/He Said Security podcast as Jodi and Justin Daniels talk with David Lucatch, CEO, President, and Chair of Liquid Avatar Technologies, about how you can best secure your consumer’s identity. David explains how Liquid Avatar allows users to verify their identities, blockchain’s role in identity verification, and how Liquid Avatar leverages the three types of identity.