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She Said Privacy/He Said Security

Aug 25, 2022

Chris Handman is the Co-founder and COO of TerraTrue, a data privacy platform and management software. He was previously the General Counsel at Snap, where he built the company’s legal compliance, public policy, and law enforcement team while also developing a transformative privacy program. Chris is a Homeland Security Project Fellow at Harvard’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs.

Jad Boutros is the Co-founder and CEO of TerraTrue. As a leader in security, privacy, spam, and abuse, he spent nine years on Google’s information security team, leading security for social products. Before founding TerraTrue, Jad was the Chief Security Officer at Snap, where he managed an organization of 100 engineers. He has 21 years of technical experience, 16 of which are in the privacy and security space.

In this episode…

During the product development stage, organizations often only consider privacy and security from a compliance perspective, and as a result, neglect potential risks. So, how can you collaborate with internal teams to prioritize these concerns and ensure a seamless product design?

Chris Handman and Jad Boutros believe privacy and security should be incorporated into company culture to disseminate information and encourage diverse ideas. To streamline the process, organizations should acquire a platform that codifies each privacy and security component. TerraTrue is a privacy management software that creates secure workflows to conform to your product design and mitigate threats.

In today’s episode of She Said Privacy/He Said Security, Jodi and Justin Daniels welcome Chris Handman and Jad Boutros of TerraTrue to discuss prioritizing privacy and security. Together, they share the privacy challenges businesses face, how TerraTrue helps companies integrate privacy into their product design, and advice for collaborating with privacy and security teams during product development.