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She Said Privacy/He Said Security

Apr 7, 2022

Chris McLellan is the Director of Operations for the Data Collaboration Alliance, a global nonprofit dedicated to helping people and organizations get full control of their data. Chris is a data ownership advocate and community organizer who specializes in the advancement of leading-edge innovations, particularly data-centric technologies. In 2017, he founded Ask AI, a nonprofit promoting awareness and understanding of artificial intelligence through its podcast, free event series, and chatbot. In addition, Chris is a Marketing Consultant with Friends Electric and the Director of Category Success for Cinchy.

In this episode…

How would you describe the world of data today? With so many new technologies and innovations, the word chaos comes to mind. But what does this mean for data privacy, and how can you start to reframe this chaos into something beneficial for your organization? 

When it comes to privacy in the data space, everything boils down to control. Who can see your data? Who can access your data? How are they going to use that data? Luckily, the Data Collaboration Alliance is on a mission to transform the chaotic world of data into something more controlled — without forgoing the exciting innovations in the industry. 

In this episode of She Said Privacy/He Said Security, Jodi and Justin Daniels sit down with Chris McLellan, the Director of Operations at the Data Collaboration Alliance, to talk about improving privacy through data ownership, collaboration, and control. Tune in as Chris breaks down what data collaboration is, how to prioritize privacy in Web 3.0, and the new technologies that will transform the way data is shared.